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My name is Shashwat Shukla, and I am a proficient Numerology and Vastu Expert. My primary focus lies in assisting individuals in shaping their future and harmonizing the elements associated with their date of birth. Through comprehensive Vastu consultations, I provide guidance on balancing these elements without necessitating significant modifications to their homes, ultimately facilitating the attainment of desired outcomes and happiness in line with their expectations.

Furthermore, I extend my expertise to the realm of business Vastu, where I aid clients in resolving various challenges encompassing customer relations, financial matters, and inventory management, among others. By leveraging my knowledge and experience, I aim to deliver effective solutions that foster growth and success for businesses.

Since the inception of my practice in 2019, I have had the privilege of serving a vast clientele, exceeding 5000 individuals thus far. This number continues to grow as I remain committed to providing valuable assistance to those seeking my guidance.
Should you require any further information or have any specific inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out. I am always available to support you in any way I can.
Warm regards, Shashwat Shukla

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